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WITHDRAW Bitcoins:


  • MXN: 10.00000000$ - 10.00000000$

NOTE: Only 1 withdrawal order per day is allowed, please don't make more than one or all will be deleted without notification, if necessary, add more than one product to shopping cart before placing the order. Consider this as a friendly warning. All orders are processed once a day.

Minimum amount: 1000 Satoshis

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Product Description

Request a withdrawal from your Faucet balance:

  1. Withdrawals to ePay FaucetSystem and Uphold was stopped on December 28-2016.
  2. ***NEW: Daily Automatic withdrawals to, 32,000 Satoshis threshold.
  3. Now you can withdraw bitcoins to Buy Lottery Tickets or Lend your Free Bitcoins to earn 3% daily.
  4. Lottery is easy: The more tickets you buy, the bigger the prize you’ll win. 
  5. Lend your Free Bitcoins to BTCBux.WIN to earn 3% daily and get more Lottery Tickets.
  6. Lottery Prizes will be increased every week if more users participe on it.
  7. ***NEW: Now you can withdraw less that 32,000 Satoshis, but 50% of requested will be send to Lottery. TIP: Share your daily referral link or wait for automatic payout.

TIP: Claim 100 times a day to increase your earnings. Please note: Now the faucet gives you up to 1000 Satoshis and can be spent on Lottery tickets and Lending Bitcoins, or withdraw to FaucetHUB microwallet system. You can buy unlimited Lottery tickets and be elegible to win one of 10 prizes, more tickets means more profits! CLICK HERE to buy tickets (You can buy them with your faucet balance, own bitcoins & MXN pesos). More info.

Request a withdrawal of your Bitcoins From Faucet:


  1. Download the Clef app (optional) from the iOS or Android app store and install it on your phone.
  2. Register an account with CLEF (optional).
  3. Place an order here by selecting the amount of Bitcoins you want receive (You must have requested amount on your Faucet Balance and Available balance).
  4. Enjoy your Free Bitcoins!
  5. Additional: You can purchase Lottery tickets to earn one of 10 Big Prizes every week.

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23594total visits,4visits today


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